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ASEFCU Auto Loan Rates:

(Loan rates are subject to change without immediate updates on the website. Please call for current rates.)

New* Motor Vehicle Rate:
 4.5% - up to 80 months (7 years) for new vehicles*
*Last 3 model years 2020, 2019, 2018
Used Motor Vehicle Rate:
 5.0% APR - Up to 72 Months (6 years)*
* 2017 or 2016 model years
5.0% APR - Up to 60 Months (5 years)*
*2015 or older model years

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RV's, Riding Lawn Mowers and Trailers are considered Motor Vehicles

All ASEFCU Loan payments can be setup through payroll deduction with ACS, Town of Newstead, and Village of Akron employers.Payroll deduction can be set up through other employers also!